Opportunity details
Type Franchise
Cash RequiredThe cash required is the amount of cash you have available or that you can access without referring to a traditional loan (family loans, stock, retirement plans, etc).
Total InvestmentThe total investment is the total expected spending amount to start their business. This includes the franchise fee and other spending fees such as real estate, staffing, and supplies.
$100 000 - $300 000
Native Country Lebanon
Available LocationsThe available locations for franchising are the territories or regions the franchisor is looking to develop.
Middle East, GULF, South Africa, North Africa and Europe
Total Units (Worldwide) 0
Year Founded 2021



What is NFU?

NFU, Inc., the NUMED Franchising Unit, is an offshore entity with its headquarters located in Beirut - Lebanon. It is the business entity that sells, groups and organizes all the work facets of NUMED Stores creating an interconnected network of experiences and businesses of all NUMED Stores worldwide. It transmits all NUMED know and know-how, Products and business expertise to all NUMED Stores and ensures equality among them.

What is NUMED?

NUMED was created in 2010 due to the high-witnessed market need and difficulty in finding all categories and ranges of nutrition clinical products in local and international markets. Therefore, NUMED was and will always be devoted to gathering and manufacturing all the products needed to fully furnish dietetic clinics, diet centers and related entities.

NUMED now also offers its customers branding and design services, along with scientific community services like educational campaigns and sessions for schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions.

Unicity of NUMED Products

To our knowledge, NUMED gathers the most complete and varied portfolio of products needed by our customers, in particular dieticians, nutritionists and related professions and entities.

In order to reach this, the NUMED team has worked throughout the years on studying and assessing all what our customers would need in their business from A to Z. This has led to reaching almost all Products categories and services while thriving to make diversity, reach a wide choice inside each category, and make it as complete as possible to cover all our customer’s needs and preferences.

Whenever sourcing of specific items was not possible due to limited or even inexistent suppliers or to inadaptability to our customers’ needs (such as language, nutrition guidelines and profiles that vary among countries, populations and ethnicities), NUMED has developed its own research and manufacturing of such Products, including the health and nutrition educational tools such as our food models and our other distinctive educational material.

For instance, NUMED has invested in manufacturing food models targeting the food items of the Gulf, Europe as well as dietary guidelines representation in 3D such as the Arab dome, the pearl and many others that are not found elsewhere worldwide.

That said, the above was only possible through reaching hundreds of suppliers throughout the globe to cover our needs in finished Products or in raw material.